Rashida KhanBey Miller



A Sojourn Home To Confidence, Pleasure & Wildness For Audacious Women.

September 26th-30th 2019

San Rafael,California


If you are anything like me you struggled with your confidence growing up.

You wanted to fit in, you wanted people to hang out with, you wanted the cool group of friends.

But somehow that just never fell into place.

You learned quickly that people reacted warmly when you were of constant service, making them laugh, building them up with inspiration and they could see that there was a tangible need for you to be around.

And while it brought many different people into your life who seemingly saw just how cool you are, just how beautiful you are and the value you added to their lives..

Something always went wrong. The relationship would end. The friendship would disappear. Suddenly the attention wasn’t there anymore.

You would experience the “lull” and then suddenly new energy came sweeping into your life and the high started all over again.

There was always a nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that made you question just how long the good was going to last.

You’re not just smart…you’re wise.

And at some point the cycle of feast and faminine in terms of meaningful connection & intimacy started to become exhausting.

Playing the role became rigid.

You could tell that the costume didn’t fit anymore.

But how could you have the meaningful connections and stop the performance?

Stop giving so much, stop being so understanding, stop ignoring your own needs, enforce stronger boundaries?

Doesn’t this all mean most people would just walk away?

I questioned the same things many nights and honestly found myself choosing to hold onto the people because I was afraid of being alone.

The dance between understanding my worth and living in defeat was heartbreaking.

From relationship to relationship

From friendship to friendship

From job to job

I felt the sting of the disconnection between my lived experience and my worthiness.

I just wanted to feel wanted and I just wanted to feel good.

And that longing (when blatantly ignored) put me in dangerous spaces emotionally & physically until I was willing to make a shift.

The shift that saved my life was in reclaiming the part of me that felt like she had to do back flips for love and stretch beyond all her boundaries for validation. Reclaiming the part of me that felt unlovable,unworthy and undervalued and breathing new life into the way she showed up in the world.

I had to Reclaim My Sexy.

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Retreat is designed to help audacious women take the sojourn home to radical self-love, liberation and wildness.

It’s a time for you to:

release self-doubt and negative self-talk

reconnect to a sense of serenity & grace

finally embrace your playful and adventurous nature..

We will do this through talking & strategizing how to take care of our bodies, hearts and desires without feeling guilty for asking for what we need, storytelling experiences and moving our bodies in guided dance & meditation classes over three decadent days.

After this retreat you will stop doubting that there is something unique and powerful about YOU. You’ll stop believing and allowing yourself to shape shift into anything other than exactly who you are in order to gain the approval of someone else. I know that you are going to walk away from this experience with something invaluable and that’s a renewed sense of confidence in your voice and your presence.

You’ll feel desirable wihtout a stitch of makeup on. You won’t keep beating your body up because of this stretch mark or that extra few pounds you gained. Your relationship to your body will feel intuitive and gentle knowing that you can love yourself into the changes you desire instead of living in this constant cycle of punishment & guilt.

You’re going to walk away with the courage and peace of mind to end that relationship that no longer serves your happiness or growth.

You’re going to stop allowing your job to pile on the work load without increasing your salary or redefining your title to match the work you are producing.

You’re going to feel that sense of curiosity and allow yourself to go on that date you’ve been putting off. You know now that divorce does not equate to been a failure and you deserve to try again.

You’re going to feel a sense of awakened a new energy in your body and feel comfortable allowing your partner to see you naked emotionally and physically for the first time in months - maybe years - and the way you all make love will be toe curling and satisifying for you both.

And most importantly you’re going to walk away knowing that no matter what- your worthiness of love can never be taken away from you in the world. This is the most invaluable lesson of them all.

Do you want to experience that? Then I want to invite to apply for The Reclaiming Your Sexy Retreat September 26th-29th 2019 in San Rafael,California. Hit the link below to start your application.

Who am I? And why should you work with me?


My name is Rashida KhanBey Miller. I am an artist. I love storytelling. I love to dance. I am passionate about using my training and experience in the arts to help women heal their body,mind and spirit. I’ve been teaching and creating brave spaces for women to reclaim sovereignty of the power for over ten years. I started teaching small dance classes on my University campus in Chicago guiding women to love their bodies into change. That work over the last decade has expanded in ways that I could never have imagined possible. And the women that I have encountered have truly changed my life. We are holding onto so much in our bodies as women. The pain, the heartbreak, the frustration, the systemic experiences of oppression, grief, desire and longing and it all lives in the muscle memory of our bodies - often going unexpressed. I help women articulate their stories through different art forms so they can reclaim themselves. When I talk about sexy in my work- I am speaking beyond this idea of physical aesthetic and talking about our joy, our peace, our wellbeing, our aliveness and the way we show up in the world. These things combined created our sexy. Reclaiming our sexy is the act of reclaiming our strength to not just survive but thrive in our day to day lives. Check out some of the testimonials from our class and retreat experiences below.



Are you ready to join for this decadent adventure?

I am curating a warm & inviting space for our retreat experience and it means the world to me to make sure that the absolute right people are present for each experience.

I am only accepting 12 women for this experience so if you would like to be considered for admission read the directions below and hit the link to apply.

Application & Admission Process - Please Read Carefully

  1. Please note that applying to the program does not garauntee admission

  2. All applications will be carefully read and selected.

  3. There will only be 12 guests in attendance to this experience

  4. Applications for the September 2019 retreat will be open for 10 days. The application will close on December 14th at 1pm PST

  5. If you are admitted into the retreat you will have 48 hours to reserve your spot with your initial deposit.


The Retreat Details

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Thursday,September 26th 2019

  • Arrive at Retreat Home 5:00 PM  

  • Welcome/Icebreaker

  • Casual Dinner Experience

Friday, September 27th 2019

  • Coaching Intensive Day I 9:00 - 5:00 PM

  • Pamper & Game Night 8:00 PM -

Saturday,September 28th 2019

  • Coaching Intensive Day II 10:00-6:00 PM

  • The Showcase Night 10:00 PM -

Sunday,September 29th 2019

  • The Pleasure Brunch & Bottomless Mimosas

  • Coaching Intensive Day III 2:00-8:00 PM

  • Boudoir Photo & Film Shoot Day

Monday, September 30th 2019

  • Closing Brunch

  • Departure 12:00 PM


 Retreat Package Includes: 

20+ Hours of Self-Love, Pleasure & Sensualtiy Coaching

  • Rest & Play 5 Days, 4 Night Retreat

  • (3) Full Day Reclaiming Your Sexy Intensives (In-Person)

  • (9) 1 Hour Group Coaching Calls & Pleasure Assignments (Monthly)

  • One Year Access To Online Moving Meditation Studio

  • (1) 45 Minute Private Coaching & Pleasure Strategy Session

  • Individual Boudoir Photo & Film Session

  • On-Site Trauma Informed & Resolution Therapist

Housing & Meals

  • Shared or Private Housing Accomodations 4 Nights, 5 Days

  • Welcome/Icebreak Casual Dinner Thursday Night

  • 3 Meals Per Day (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

  • Farewell Continental Breakfast Monday Morning

Bonus Add-ons

  • The Reclaiming Your Sexy Digital Workbook

  • The Reclaiming Your Sexy Self-Care & Pleasure Care Package

  • Special Surprise ***


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How old do you have to be to attend a retreat?

    • You must be 21 years or older to attend to participate in the services provided by Rashida Miller or The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method. Make sure to bring a copy of your ticket (digital or print) and your photo ID. If your chosen name is different on your ticket purchase than your ID please send us an email prior to the event so we can make note of this in our records support@reclaimingyoursexy.com.

2. What if I purchase a seat or place my deposit and then I am unable to attend?

  • Please note that there are no refunds with the exception of if the event is cancelled by organizer. You'll receive an exact date for your refund in your cancellation email and additional options for participation for future classes.

3. What happens is poor weather affects the retreat taking place?

  • If weather, natural disasters or illness of Rashida Miller prevent us from hosting the program will be rescheduled or you will receive a credit for a workshop in an alternate location. Refunds will not be given for these circumstances. 

4. What is not included in the cost of the retreat?

  • Airfare, transportation to/from retreat site, traveler’s insurance and exurcsions outside of the retreat site are not covered. If you are traveling to attend a workshop you are responsible for acquiring your own traveler's insurance and agree that Rashida Miller, The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method, Woman Untamed Wellness, Staff, Vendors or Contractors will NOT held liable for funds lost due to inability to attend the workshop.

5. Will photos be taken during the experience?

  • Yes! We will take photos during the retreat experience. Everyone will be asked if they would like to be included in photos. If not your face will be blurred out photo/videos.

6. Does this retreat count as a teaching certification for The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method?

  • No. Attending or registering for any of the masterclasses or retreats, unless specifically stated as a teacher training and certification, do not authorize you to record, repeat, reuse or reteach the information, sequences or choreography learned in this class experience. Legal action will be taken against students whom we find are recreating the class without authorization or permission. 

8. Am I able to blog or write an article about my experience at The Reclaiming Your Sexy Retreat?

  • We ask that if you are reporting from a publication print or online that you share this information prior to class and obtain authorization from Rashida Miller and Staff prior to documenting in any format your experience of the course. 

9. How long do I have to complete my payment arrangement for the retreat?

  • Payment plans must be completed prior to attending class. Initial deposits to secure space in a program are non-refundable. Payment plans that fail to charge will be invoiced an additional $50. Payments that are made late will be charged a $50 fee. Late fee can be waived when you notify us 14 days prior to payment of a need for an extension. This is a one time courtesy.

Should you have questions please email support@reclaimingyoursexy.com 


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