Forgive. Release. Let Go. - Dancing Through The Darkness

Life can and will knock us down without our permission or agreement. I know many of us have experienced life knocking the wind out of chests. I know I have. Everytime, I thought that I didn't have any strength left in me to fight. I turned to my practice of reawakening my body when I had nowhere else to turn. I needed a safe place to let out the grief, the rage, the insecurities, the dissapointment so it didn't consume. 

If you're looking for that same space I invite you to join me for 'forgive. release. let go". Two hours of dance completly dedicated to helping you navigate the grief, the doubt, the frustration and to let it out through. When these emotions don't have a way to show their face they consume us until we are ready to face them head on. Don't be consumed find your strength to fight. 

Upcoming classes: 

  • This Saturday in Chicago 11/12 4-6 pm

  • Next Saturday in New York 11/19 12:30-2:30 pm

  • 11/30 Chicago,IL

  • 12/10 San Fransico,CA

  • 12/17 Chicago,IL

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See you on the dance floor,

PS check out a taste of our experience in the demo video below "face your rage".