10 Devotion Songs To Find Your Calm During Love Drama


I think we have all had times where we have moments in our relationships where things just feel tense and maybe even a little chaotic.

There's no shame in admitting that the inner workings of the relationship are not always Instagram perfect worthy. Relationships take work and they require a lot of emotional and spiritual work on our end. 

Over the next few days I am going to be sharing some tips on how to create a deeper sense of intimacy and passion in your relationship right now. The tips are super simple but effective. You can learn more about the upcoming online class here: The Pleasure Hunt we kick off December 14th. 

I have found music to be a powerful tool in helping my clients transform their mood and perspective for many situations but especially regarding their relationship to their beloved.

Check out the playlist below. 

I'd love to hear in the comments which one you resonated with the most. 

with love,