New Masterclass: Shamelessly Sexy CHI | NY | ATL | SF

This Fall I am hosting Shamelessly Sexy a sensual dance masterclass designed to help you get out of your head + feel absolutely irresistible in your body. 

Over the last several years  I've come across one common denominator when it comes to women + confidence: we will shrink instead of shamelessly take up space with our essence. We apologize. We downplay. We run. We change the plans. We make excuses for not showing up all the way in our bodies and in our lives. 

When we run from owning our sexy we run from having the life that we truly desire to have. 

We've also been taught a small lesson that has left a massive impact on our way of being : "being sexy isn't important".

When you look at being sexy as something that you do for the gratification of someone else I can see how people see that low on the priority list in comparison to being strong, smart, street savvy etc. 

However sexy is MORE than just your physical appearance. Your inner sexy is your light. It's the thing that illuminates your soul into the world. It's the thing that radiates your joy + vibrancy to those that come in contact with you. It's not about the way you dress, how seductive you are (externally) or what you do or don't do for others. Being tapped into your sexy is being tapped into your power viscerally. 

When you are connected to your power you feel it from head to toe when you walk into a room full of people. When you are connected to your sexy you don't shy away from taking up space. When you are connected to your sexy you date with confidence vs. desperation. When you are connected to your sexy you know your inherent worth is unbreakable. 

Shamelessly Sexy is about being unafraid to tap into the strength of your spirit and letting that out into the world. 

Through full day dance intensive we will explore this connection to our power. 

I'll be hosting this workshop in Chicago, New York, San  Francisco and Atlanta before the year is up. 

Check out the dates and full details at the link below. 


Rashida KhanBey Miller