"I took everything off and made love to my man" #reclaimingyoursexy

Listen for some people having great sex isn't high on the priority list. However, when you are in a long term relationship or you have that desire to make a strong connection with a new intimate partner, being able to make love and actually enjoy sex without feeling self-conscious or defeated about your body is a big deal. 

When you're feeling self-conscious about the way your body looks and moves naked you :

  • Start saying 'no' to sex more even when you really want to say yes

  • Feeling disconnected from your self-confidence in your day to day life because this one thing seems to be taking over your thought process 

  • Stop putting yourself out there to meet new love interests

  • Hide your body, hide your voice by not speaking up for yourself or morphing into what you think other people want from you vs. being your authentic self 

  • Compare yourself to other women and question whether they have something you don't 

  • Questioning whether you partner is truly attracted to you as you are 

  • Waiting until you "fix" (your weight, your blemishes, your hair, your job etc etc) before you actually let yourself be seen in all your light

I created the SHAMELESS as a safe space to help you reconnect to that fire of jaw dropping bedroom body confidence. 

My intention for you is that after this class you will: 

  • Have the confidence to go after the love interest you want whether it's on OkCupid or the Grocery store. I'll teach you the tools you need to have that sense of quiet knowing that draws people into you effortlessly. 

  • Walk into your bedroom with your beloved, shed every layer of clothing and make love with the lights on, with the lights off, on top of the covers, under the covers, in the shower, on the table....you get my point? I want you to be able to make love ANYWHERE. You'll feel so exquisite and in-tune with your body that you'll stop hiding and worrying about this jiggle or that stretch mark and really focus on this person that's pouring their heart into each and every crevice of your body. 

What would it look like for you to have that type of confidence in your own love life? Or maybe the tension in your body has built up so much that sex has become painful + a source of discomfort. Check it these testimonials from clients below.

Testimonials from my Clients.....

“I have to tell you this. Woke up next to my man this morning. I took EVERYTHING OFF...made love, and laid there with not even a blanket....this is BIG...I am usually so quick to cover my body, but I still felt myself on a high from last night and all I heard was revel in the moment! I did just that...”
— Anonymous

These are real results, from real women who had the same desire that you have now - to feel confident in their bodies right now. If you're tired of making excuses for why your love life has gone off the deep end, if you're tired of waiting for someone to notice you, if you're of feeling like everyone else has something you don't then I want you to join me for the Shameless Masterclass. 

Grab your seat for SHAMELESS. Here are the upcoming Chicago classes: 

  • Saturday 2/25 2-4 PM

  • Tuesday 2/28 7-9 PM

  • Friday 3/3 7-9 PM 

All classes will be held at Dance Center Chicago 3868 N. Lincoln Ave 

I cannot wait to see you all on the dance floor. We are going to have a phenomenal experience. 

with love,



Rashida KhanBey Miller