She Asked Me To Dance For Her Husband.

I've been teaching sensual dance for several years now. Usually when we kick off the beginning of class the women have a variety of reactions to coming into their Untamed essence. However, there have been times when I get a reaction that pulls my heart right out of my chest. Immediately I have to stop the class and address the issue at hand. Why? If you're taking a fun and sexy class why can't it just be that? Well, It can be. What I've learned from experience is that most women who are seeking out sensual dance classes or pole dance classes are truly in search of something deeper than just a fun and sexy experience, even if on the surface they don't really name it. 

We are called into the dance space because their is something within our bodies + our psyches that is ready to be healed. The rift between being connected to our divine femininity and aligning ourselves with society's vision of a "good woman" come head to head in our relationships, our desires, our work life, motherhood, friendships and more. We are called to the dance floor to indulge in a literal stripping of all the layers that prevent us from being raw, naked and receptive to our most divine self. 

So in class one day after we'd done our routine and split into groups one of the women speaks up :

I'll just hire you to dance for my husband because I can't move like that. 

The room went silent. Though she may have felt alone in that moment, she was not alone in that experience. The pain lingered in the air as I stepped forward to remind each woman in the room that there is no need to compare our sensual expression to one another. The light that shines forth from within our souls as we dance untamed in our feminine essence only adds to and enhances that of each and every woman that we encounter. The only way for it to detract is if we allow our perception of ourselves to disconnect from our truth. What is that truth? That we are enough. That we are worthy. That we are beautiful. That we are whole. That we are desired. That we are loved. That we are needed.  These things cannot be changed no matter what our circumstances are in life. 

So many women have come through my classes with this exact same mentality. They can't see themselves as sexy so they only see that irresistible factor as something that exist outside of themselves. That's where jealousy comes in. That's where the fear of being left swoops into our minds. That's where intrusive flashbacks start taunting us. That's where we give up on trying because we're caught up in the pain of the past and the anxiety of the future vs. the gift of being present to our ability choose how we will move forward.

Sexy isn't somewhere OUT THERE. 

Sexy is within you. 

This is the very reason why my classes are built to guide each woman towards the practical spiritual tools that she needs to combat the residue of insecurity that creeps up for all of us from time to time. 

This resonate with you? I want you to join me for my new online self-study class Deliberately Sexy.

Deliberately Sexy is a confidence and sensuality self-study course. Inside you'll find your introduction to creating a simple self-care practice that helps you awaken that deliberately sexy woman in you. I'm taking all of the guesswork out taking care of yourself. All you have to do is make 20-30 mins for yourself a couple times a week from the comfort of your home.

Learn How To :

  • Feel an unconditional love for yourself even on the days when you don't feel your sexiest
  • Create a deeper connection with your body
  • Reclaim the narrative around your sexuality
  • Stop believing if you just change one more thing about yourself that you'll be worthy of love
  • Get back to that woman in you that's clear about what she wants and how she wants it. And isn't afraid to ask for it

The self-study program Includes:

  • The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method Sensual Moving Meditation Digital Classes.
  • The 30 Day Sample Sensual Self-Care Calendar
  • How To Embody Your Confidence & Sensuality Coaching Class
  • The Temptress Playlists
  • BONUS: 4 Week Self-Care Challenge via Email for Accountability & Guidance


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Rashida KhanBey Miller