[Video] Make Love with The Lights on Tonight.

In the several years that I have been teaching sensual dance one of the common things that I've heard is women not feeling sexy when they take their clothes off during sex. 

You're having a great day with your beloved or new love interest. The moment presents itself and they kiss you with so much passion. All that's going through your head is "finally". Then after a few moments and it gets to that point where you're about to take off your top your mind starts drifting. First, you're thinking about that call you didn't make to pay the light bill. Then you're wondering if they noticed your stretch marks. Then you start trying to pre-plan your next workout so you focus on your abs more. Then you realize that you're really there anymore. You want to keep going but you're not fully in it anymore. You stop and the overwhelm of intrusive thoughts start to take over. Before you know it what was suppose to be a sexy night has turned into you looking off in the distance fighting the tears back as the energy turns a bit stale. 

I've had numerous women share this exact experience with me from their dating and love life. They got tired of not being able to experience the romance they desired. Most importantly they wanted to feel sexy in their bodies and stop getting lost in their negative thoughts. They also wanted to have that toe-curling ecstatic connection with this person they cared about a lot. 

Does this experience resonate with you? 

I want you to check out this little video I created just for you about feeling good naked. 

Click here to check out the video. 

I want to hear from you in the comments below the video. How have you combatted the negative thoughts about your body in the past?

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Rashida KhanBey Miller