I Never Want To Be Naked In Front of My Husband.

"I never want to be naked in front of my husb and" She said. Struggling with her post baby body, tired, confused about the sudden changes and wanting to be somewhere, anywhere other than where she was right now. 

This is a painful story that I have heard from far too many women over the last few years. 

Life happens our bodies change and then somewhere along the way confidence seems to dissolve along with the changes. 

What if you didn't have to feel like this? 
What if it was possible for you to just love the changes that have happened to your body and embrace where you are right now?
What if it was truly possible to feel good about your body regardless of your size? 
What type of freedom would that allow you to have in your life and your relationship?

For many of the women that I have spoken to that last question brings up a deep desire to walk into the bedroom, take off their clothes and make love without getting lost in a sea of negative self-talk. 

This picture that I have shared with you all above is during my vacation with my love.  After an intense few weeks, I was tired and needed to skip town for a bit. I'd been expressing to a few friends that I felt really disconnected from my sexy for awhile. I wasn't even sure why or what started it but I knew I needed to take action so I could feel better immediately. Slowly but surely I started taking small actions. 

Big Daddy snapped this photo and several others  and something in me shifted when I saw myself. I looked happy and I loved the way my body looked. 

One of the actions I took prior to going on our little mini-trip was treating myself to new underwear from Lane Bryant. I had been wearing ill-fitting bras for quite some time. I think I was done when one of my bras started to fall apart and the wiring was jabbing me in my underarm. I went into Lane Bryant to be sized for a new bra. Come to find out my bra size was definitely much different from what I thought. I got several looks and even got some cute underwear to go along with my new bras. Taking this small step gave me an instant shift in my mood and my appearance. It reinforced the idea that I was worth making investments in myself like this so that I could feel good. I also noticed that by taking the time and money to invest in myself in this way I felt a little more confident when I was taking off my clothes. Why? I saw myself as someone worthy of being well cared for consistently. 

So today take some time to unwind and treat yourself. I want you to go through your closet and look at some of the pieces that you are wearing a lot, maybe even pull out your underwear collection.

When you look at what you have does it make you feel good? Or do you just have a sort of blah feeling when you look at it?

If you're feeling blah I want you to take it out of the closet or drawer and throw it away. 

Now, here's the next step: go buy yourself something that makes you feel sexy. Take your time while you're shopping. Don't rush. Don't facebook. Don't get on the phone. Maybe put in some music if you want while you're looking around. The point is to give yourself time to peruse all your options and TRY IT ON IN THE STORE. Don't wait until you get home. Try it on in the store and ask for help from the staff if you need assistance finding something that you will love. 

I want to see what you trash and what you buy. Share your purge & find with me over on Instagram at #shamelesslysexy hashtag and you can feel free to tag me @womanuntamed

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I can't wait to see you on the dance floor. 

with love,

Rashida KhanBey Miller