Stop Hiding Your Stomach. #ShamelesslySexy

Today's lessons:::: 
Don't be afraid to look silly. 
Try something new. 
Put yourself out there. 
Don't be afraid to try in fear of messing up.

So I am going to @yanismarshall class here in Chicago on Friday. I am so excited and so nervous I have been watching his latest video to Lil Kim's How Many Licks non-stop. Big Daddy is sick of hearing it I'm sure. I am obbsessed!!! Lol. I don't know the choreography very well lol but im trying.

On Take #2 I did the routine again this time not hiding my stomach. I felt so much more confident and let myself go a bit more in the choreography. I'm so excited for Friday. Listen, stop hiding your body. Go to the gym in a crop top, wear a garter belt or mini skirt. I realize that covering up my stomach is just another form of guilt and shame that I am not skinny or that I don't have the desired "dancer body". I remember being told in a class once by a teacher I loved if my stomach wasn't flat not to bother showing it off. I was hurt and that's when the shift set in. Now, I am reclaiming my body as beautiful and sexy RIGHT NOW. This is how I know I need to celebrate because if my stomach was flat I wouldn't wear anything but crop tops. So that's my measure for body celebration. It's not flat but so fucking what! I will let it show anyway. #womanuntamed #shamelesslysexy

Rashida KhanBey Miller