The Church is Wrong. Your Body is Not Secular.


Your Body Is Not Secular. 

Church. // From Praise Dance to Stripping. 

I grew up as a praise dancer. For those of you who are unfamiliar praise dance is a form of worship done within a church service as part of the final invocation of Spirit before the Pastor offers the word.

Praise dance is in my bones. It is the first place where I learned how that I could feel a connection to God when I danced. However, over the years as praise dance gained in popularity, most churches decided that the women (because majority of the time it's women and girls) need to be covered in order not to "tempt people into lust or distraction from worship". So this covering looked like : leggings, shoes, pollazo pants, skirts, leotards - long sleeves, shawls on top of the leotards and for the most extreme churches gloves - because there is nothing more stimulating for a man that seeing a woman's naked finger. 

Church has taken the praise out of praise dance and actively participated in the reinforcement of rape culture. Groups of women and girls are flocking to church to find some sense of devotion and release through movement. And in order for them to participate the first rule is to guide them into covering themselves under the guise of " reverence " - I call bullshit. Covering my breasts will not block the temptation of a rapist from violation.

Your body is not secular. You've been made to believe that your existence was a sin when in fact the curve of your beautiful hips is the holiest invocation of spirit.

My new course BodyWorship creates the alternate space. A safe sanctuary where your body is not shamed into being covered and where you can have that moment of reconnection/communion (worship) with your spirit, with spirit and lay yourself naked emotionally and physically if you so choose. A place where we can literally and figuratively strip back the pain, the burden, the stress, the heartache, the worry, the heartbreak off of our body and minds so we can reclaim the vibrancy of our spirits. 


A New Online Sensual Dance Studio & Erotic Exploration Course created by Rashida KhanBey.

The level of reverence and praise for our bodies that’s happening in the BodyWorship™ community already brings tears to my eyes. I truly can’t imagine ending this year any other way. I set an intention for this course for it to be a “global sanctuary”. A mouthful to say the least and a very loaded task but I can already feel that experience taking shape as we begin this work.

What does it even mean to create a global sanctuary?

It’s everything that the church and religious institutions cannot be for women + femmes.

It’s a safe space for us to celebrate and fall in love with our bodies - not as some secular divisive tool used to destroy and tempt men into evil - but as temples worthy of adoration, adornment and intentional care.

It’s a safe space to unlearn this idea that our sexuality is not of God. That Sex literally is a God thing.

It’s a space to remember the act of feeding the erotic self is integral to our aliveness.

It’s a safe space for us to deepen our relationship to God/Spirit through our movement in a way that we are not able to in other spaces.

It’s a safe space for us to explore the spectrum of our erotic self without judgement or inhibition.

It’s a home for us to reconnect back to the body so we can refuel and emerge back into our world’s more vibrant.

If you’re feeling called to join us I would love to have you explore with us.

Registration for BodyWorship™ will close December 5th.

We have 35 spots left.

When you join the BodyWorship™ Community you receive:

1. Monthly Sensual Floorwork & Striptease Classes Online (Recorded) (4) Sensual & Erotic Dance Movement Tutorials uploaded per month to the VHX system - You just received emails with your login details. (2) Sensual Moving Meditation Warm-ups. (1) Flexibility For Better Orgasms” technique class. (1) routine sensual floorwork, striptease or both

2. The Body Worship Audio Recording & Workbook. A monthly curated theme focusing on topics such self-esteem, sex, self-care, faith, relationships, abundance, forgiveness, joy, anger, boundaries, pleasure etc. A set of journal prompts and questions specific to our theme for the month. And. Monthly pleasure assignments

3. Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Class & Q+A Session 90 Minutes.

4.Private Online Community for connection + exploration + support.
You can register for this experience at the link below.

The investment is $39.95 month-to-month (no minimum subscription time) or $299/full year.

When you purchase a full year subscription you’ll also receive a complimentary ticket to one of my live workshops on the #reclaimingyoursexy tour. When you purchase your full year subscription you’ll receive an email within 48 hours to select your city.

We have workshops coming up in the following cities

  • 12/17/17 New Orleans, LA

  • 12/31/17 Chicago, IL

  • 1/20 Los Angeles, CA

  • 1/21 Oakland,CA

  • 3/11 New York, NY

  • 4/23 Chicago, IL

  • 5/20 Portland,OR

  • 6/9 Ft. Lauderdale, FL

  • 6/10 Atlanta, Georgia

  • 9/6 London, UK

  • 9/8 Paris, France

  • 9/30 Toronto, CA

Registration closes December 5th


Register here: