A tummy soft + full of stretch marks. (i'm not a work in progress)

Often women with bigger bodies feel the need to prove that we are worthy of existing by showing the world that we workout, we eat healthy, we love ourselves, we can dress well, we got somebody loving us etc but fuck all that noise man.

Listen yes, all of those things can fuel our lives but I'm not about that "fat sympathy porn" life. I don't give a f*ck what you think about my health or my relationship (or lack of one) or my eating choices.

It makes me want to put up a picture of me head diving into a three layer strawberry shortcake. Why? Because they are so damn good and eating it makes me smile on my insides.

Yo, we are worthy because we exist not because we can prove to others that we are "just as good as ___________".

Or that we are willing to strive towards being smaller so others can see us as a "work in progress" and not just love our fat beautiful asses just as we are. That cycle has to stop.

Go! Be healthy, be active, lose the weight if you want. But do it from a place of love for you, healthy challenge and not to seek validation from these fools out here. Value your life through your joy. Not this superficial lens of trying to have it all together.


Newsflash: we all got mad issues. And that's okay


I dedicate this post to all of our beautiful bellies. Whether you have stretch marks, rolls, bulge, extra skin or whatever. I dare you to take a picture (even just for your eyes) shifting the gaze from "how can I fix" to "look how beautiful is my body". Try shifting your efforts to compassion and gentleness and notice how different it makes you feel in your skin. 


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