Enrollment Now Open- Reclaiming Your Sexy Striptease & Sensuality School

My loves,

Enrollment for Reclaiming Your Sexy Striptease & Sensuality School has now officially opened. I created this program as a safe space for women to embody their sexuality so they can have more confidence,  better sex and unapologetic joy in their lives.  

This program is near and dear to my heart  I have been leading this work for over eight years now and every year a new revelation comes to the surface.

This past year I went through my own dark night of the soul losing my Father suddenly,, going through an intense bout of depression and now working through a breakup.  What I realize that was connected in all of those events was losing that part of myself that made me really come to life in the world. It fine tuned even more that our sexy,is not our physical appearance but our joy, our openness and our zest for life. When we lose or disconnect from that zest we start to suffer. And life is way too good for us to dwell or lose ourselves in the suffering. 

Life comes at you fast and hard most times but we can be prepared for the twists and turns. That's what Reclaiming Your Sexy does for myself and for my clients.  It gives us a safe space to unravel,  to process, to heal and to refill our tanks so that we can go back into our lives operating from our overflow and not from the reserves of our energy tank. 

The problem with our current culture's obbsession with self-care and self-love is that it seems to be something most people only seek out when there is a desperate emergency. Our self-care and self-love pracitce have to be proactive and not reactive. If our bodies shut down and get sick, it's likely that for weeks or months or maybe even years it's been giving signals that we needed to slow down. What most of us have been trained to do is keep pushing until we literally cannot move. This is a cycle that we have to break. 

Reclaiming Your Sexy helps you create a space in class and at home to refuel and refill so you aren't waiting until it's an emergency to make time for you. 

There are so many instances in our lives where we can disconnect and/or lose touch with our sexy: 

  • Depression
  • Job Loss
  • Death of a loved one
  • Body Image Issues
  • Issues with our partners
  • Family concerns

Separations in friendships

and so much more...

It's not the "what" that matters but the process of coming back to that place within yourself where you feel alive, vibrant and joyful.

Read this testimonial from one of my clients: 

"Sometimes in life you have experiences that you didn't realize you needed. When I say needed I mean you left the place or situation feeling changed, different or stronger. This was the case for me after the reclaiming your sexy retreat. I cried, laughed, danced and took back apart of me that was lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I'm normally a mom, wife, daughter, friend, social worker, but that night I was an empowered and sexy woman. It was a spiritual encounter! Something comparable to church in that you need to regularly be fed to stay full. If I was able I would make this a weekly occurrence. Thank you Rashida for allowing us to be ourselves safely and learn things about our capabilities we may not have learned otherwise."

- Kyla

If this resonates with you I would love to have you join us for the upcoming 8 week small group coaching series. 


With this program you will receive: 

  • (16) Two Hour Striptease Coaching Classes
  • (2) 1:1 Embody Your Sensuality  Coaching Sessions
  • Intimate Group Coaching Experience
  • (1) Optional Showcase Opportunity for Your Closest Girlfriends
  • (2) Goddess Self-Care Packages Delivered To You
  • (1) Two Day-One Night Weekend Retreat in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
  • Access to The "OhYES!" Online Community

"OHYES!" an online membership program dedicated to demystifying what makes orgasmic sex possible.. This program offers in depth masterclasses with experts in the field of love, sex and women's health. You'll learn everything from how to bring the spark back in your relationship, to what foods (and specific meal plans) can boost your libido, how to heal from trauma, how to manifest love and so much more! This program is totally digital so you can access it from anywhere in the world. 

  • Monthly Guest Masterclass
  • Access to a library of sex education classes
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call with Me!
  • Pleasure Assignments
  • rivate Facebook Community
  • 20% discount on all live Reclaiming Your Sexy touring classes, teacher training and retreats.

If you're ready to join click here to start your registration process. Don't hesitate to hit reply to this email if you have any questions. 

I have 10 spots available for this coming series. Registration closes April 8th! 

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