Obsessed With My Freedom

I cant even front and just say no positive bullshit. I took this video and saw myself and was like yaaaaaasssssss bihhhhhh kill em. I have never seen myself like this. Walking so fucking hard (as my homie @fly.girl.kelly would say) in n this energy that surrounds me. Grateful for shit falling apart so I could find this woman right here. Im not worried about covering up so someone else isnt uncomfortable or threatened by my expression of my sexuality. I dont give af if you dont like women who post videos of themselves like this online. I dont care about your expectations of me. I dont fucking care if im not wife material anymore. I don't care if you hate my stretch marks. Take it all or bounce. I belong to me. I want me and for the first time ever that is more than enough. #reclaimingyoursexy

I'm on a literal high after tonight's beautiful and much needed Queendom Recharge!