How Is "Reclaiming Your Sexy" Different From Other Classes on Self-Love?

Why is this experience different from any other course you've taken or book you've read on self-love/self-acceptance?

Reclaiming Your Sexy was built to give you the tools that you needed in order to shut down those self-critical thoughts so you can feel confident, sexy and alive in your body right now.

You need a combination of tools in order to really embody that level of freedom.

embody by definition means: to be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).

It's one thing to chant that you're worthy and a whole other beast to actually feel your worth oozing off of you, as you take up space walking into that interview. So much so that you firmly see yourself as the best resource for the position vs. just another canidate in a line of hundreds hoping desperately to be chosen.

Most classes are built with one tool in mind by default. The Reclaiming Your Sexy experience combines several processes to help you not only think differently about your body but to *actually feel* different in your body.

1. You need the dance/movement experience that reconnects you to your bodywith a non-traditional and non-diet/fitness focused approach. For example : you take the goals off the table of mastering of executing a certain step or working towards losing 10 lbs. When you take that pressure off you stop demanding your body to produce and you allow yourself to just be where you are right now. Not that those experiences are valuable if you want them but for our goal it is not necessary for learning.

2. You need affirming, safe, slowed down space to let your body tell it's story. Your regular weekly classses are not built for this type of expression. There's time constraint and goals in mind for what needs to be accomplished (see #1). Reclaiming Your Sexy is 5 hour intensive session for that very reason ; it's built to give you the space to slow down, to listen to your body and what it needs in order to reconnect to and feel like your most confident self again.

3. You need the guidance/coaching to make the perception shift out of body self-loathing/self-critique to body worship. It's one thing to learn a sexy routine and have a great in the moment experience but what happens when you get home and you forget the steps? What happens when you're struggling to find that feeling you had in the intensive while you were dancing? The Reclaiming Your Sexy experiences takes you several steps beyond the dance/movement by giving you practical tools + non -bs spiritual advice that you can use to apply to your day to day life. We make space for discussion during our time together and post live experience every participant gets access to a private group coaching class over four weeks online. This class is built to give you the tools necessary to integrate that feeling you had on the dance floor back into your actual life.