Being Able To Feel Pain/Loss is A Gift

Many people hear me say that I am a sensuality coach and immediately they want to talk about sex. This is fine. I love it and glad people feel open with me. What I've noticed is that most people's quest or curiosity about better sex and ecstasy aren't really about the act or physicality of sex. The questions are really about being able to feel again without fear.

You can't go from numbness to ecstasy.

There's grief, rage, sadness, serenity, curiosity, joy, excitement, bliss, surrender and then ecstasy.

And the journey is not linear. It zigzags and back flips and dead haults at every point where you need to learn the lesson.

My work as a sensuality coach is really about waking you up again and walking with you through some or all of the emotional phases as you find your way back to allowing ecstasy back into your life.

Being able to feel your heart hurt, being able to feel "loss" in your body is a gift. The opposite is feeling so empty and depleted by life that you no longer have a threshold for pain. Being able to sense the feeling of pain means that you are alive, breathing, here and fighting.