What Most Won't Say About Moving On From A Lover...

Something you won't hear people say often or at all when they want you to move on :

They think about you just as much as you do them.

They miss your presence.

They miss knowing that you are in their life.

They think about that moment too. A lot.

They long for you too.

They are dissapointed just as much as you.

You know how I know? Because your presence has value and weight. You leave an impact and a beautiful fragrant trail wherever you go. You are not trash or replaceable or forgettable. You are magnificent and people are blessed to have experienced you.

There is no need to be ashamed for missing someone or for hurting over an experience. There is no need to deny that your body has the capacity to feel that shift. Keep yourself open to the ending just as much as you felt open in the beginning.

You don't have beat yourself into believing that someone didn't care about or love you in order to move on and let go.