When Your Spirit Feels Broken by Love...

Pablo Picasso

There's a big difference between someone breaking your heart and someone breaking your spirit

When someone breaks your spirit a big part of you dies. Your body is still functioning (for the most part) but emotionally/spiritually you are not really alive alive. People can see that the life has gone out in your eyes or that you're not really there in the moment. Numbness is never sustainable long term. God loves us so deeply that She sends Angels - not porcelain white figures with long robes and big wings but everyday "average jo" people - to help you come back to life. Being vulnerable and tired you might mistake them for the answer but they are just on assignment. You won't get this in the moment and you'll probably be hurt and disappointed feeling like "here we go again" and that's natural. Once you have some distance and perspective you will understand really loud that it was never their intention to hurt but it was never in God's plan for them to stay. They had to come along so you could get to the next chapter.

If you never saw examples of love not equating to suffering/pain it will be hard to learn how to walk away from experiences when they are not healthy or even just not what you truly want for yourself even if it is healthy. Your natural inclination will be to fix it. So once you recognize it then you have to consciously work to unlearn the habit of fixing so you can find it in you to just let go when it's time.

Some pains are meant to bring you back to life, to help you feel again. Numbness is death. Some pains are necessary so you don't die. Maybe instead of thinking it all went wrong just maybe it all went right...according to a much greater plan than you could have imagined.