NOLA Pop Up Class: Beginner's Striptease & Sensual Floorwork

Join me Friday July 28th 8-10:00 pm for a beginners striptease & sensual floorwork pop-up class in NOLA.

In our mini session we will focus on learning a sensual dance routine that will leave you feeling sexy and confident in your body right now. This is truly a beginners class so don't feel pressured about getting the steps right or not having enough experience. I want you to come, let your hair down and have fun. I'm breezing thorugh NOLA for a few days and I'm very excited to connect with you all while I am in town. 

Tickets for the intro course start at $35 Early Bird which ends July 27th at 11:30 pm and $45 Regular Admission at the door


Questions? email