Dancing For Your Love.


I often get asked the question: 

How do I get confident enough to dance for my partner?

The answer always is and always will be learn to dance for yourself first and then share with your love. When you share your sensual self with them from a place of overflow and not from a place of fear/anxiety it will mean so much more and have much more of an impact. 

When you are ready to share with your love here's a little written routine you can use to connect.

A dance for your love doesn't have to start standing.

Start lying down next to them in bed.

rest on your right side.

Lift your leg towards the ceiling, slowly extending and pointing your foot.

Bend at the knee after your get to the height of your extention. Press your knee softly into their chest as your lay on your side.

And slowly unfold your leg over their shoulder. Breathe.

Then slither that extend leg down towards their hip and use your arms to lift yourself across their body straddling them with both legs spread.

Slide your breasts over their chest.

....bringing the widows peek of your hairline gently to their lips, their sternum, their navel and then their groin as you push your ass back towards your feet.

Proceed from there........ #reclaimingyoursexy 


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