Erotic Innocence

The innocence and playfulness of our little black girl rituals. Remember when you use to play this game and do your cutest move to impress everyone? And there was no shame, no hindrance, no feeling bad about being free in your body? You weren't even thinking about how to navigate freedom? You just made it yours. The #reclaimingyoursexy workshop experience takes you back to that place and beyond to find that essence of erotic innocence so you can reclaim your body and your pleasure for your own self, free of social limitations. Ready? Join us for a one day workshop intensive on tour in the US or one of our 4-10 Day Mastery retreats.

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Upcoming dates for the #reclaimingyoursexybody confidence and sensuality workshop tour 2017. More dates and cities to come for 2018. 
August 20th Atlanta, GA

September 10th Chicago,IL
September 17th Oakland, CA
September 24th Philadelphia, PA

October 8th Washington,DC
October 15th New Orleans, LA
October 29th Los Angeles, CA

November 5th New York, New York
November 9-13th Puerto Rico Mastery Retreat
November 19th Dallas. TX
December 3rd Ft. Lauderdale,FL
December 30th-January 2nd 2018 San Diego Mastery Retreat

Feb 9th-19th Brazil Mastery Retreat
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