Every Inch of You Is Magnificent. (Client Review)

Testimonial from Reclaiming Your Sexy in Oakland

I was told there were rules to this shit. That there were guidelines a woman had to follow when it came to her sensuality and her sexuality. Mostly the way she should conduct herself to make sure not to turn men off or turn them on. I was given rules that made me feel shame for my urges, my desires, and my softness. I was given rules that told me what it meant to be feminine and sensual. That sensuality wasn't for myself it was for my husband only. @rashidakhanbey reminded me that my sensuality belongs to me. That there is no shame to arching my back for my enjoyment. That I deserve to move slow and savor my softness. 🖕🏾the rules, they don't apply to me.  

- Sylvia J


Photo by Destiny Webster @3rdEyePerspectives