Slow Kissing & Emotional Presence.

The First Kiss... 

That first kiss is like a bomb. Or at least that's how I've wanted it to be with a new lover. She wrapped her arm around me as we walked back to her place after taking a pause for fresh air. There was this nice pull of tension that kept us catching eye contact. I finally looked up at her and said I want to kiss you outside first. So she stopped and slowly pulled me into her really close by the nape of my back. I reached up to touch her face and she kissed me like she was trying to tell me one of the best kept secrets in the world. 


....combating Overwhelm & being present emotionally ////

I deleted every social app on my phone for the night. I called my Uber to her house. I showed up and said you have my undivided attention tonight. I made requests in order to create the best night possible. We found our way to the water. We slow danced on the beach barefoot just close enough to the water that our feet sunk into the wet sand with each sway. We started at Lenny Williams and ended at Beyoncé. I love watching the way she takes me in. She looks at me like she understands that my humanness is my Divinity. No pedestal. // The waves crashed and there just happened to be a live band playing all the old school jams just feet away from our little escape. She danced. I love a masculine woman that can dance and roll her hips without shame of appearing feminine. I love a masculine woman that reverences the holiness of the Divine Feminine while fearlessly embodying the Divine Masculine. More of this...please. Definitely a night to remember. I feel rested.