Soul Food Love.

In between workshops across the country. I took a chance to slow down with a new boo for some r&r before my workshop in NOLA tomorrow night and the intensive in NY on Sunday. 

For a minute or two I forgot about all the challenges I was presented with today. While it's been a beautiful time I got hit with several major biz decisions since I've been in town. I could have easily gone into panic mode but I did whatever I could to stay calm. 

I told her all the drama I was facing and she said I'm coming to get you and we'll go to the beach and get Popsicles and food and chill for a minute. And I really couldn't ask for anything more. You know while this lover is not "mine" nor a long term partner I am so grateful for these beautiful memories and experiences. 

I am learning how to consciously date without entangling (jumping into a relationship or making day to day life commitments/involvements etc) and it has been one of the most healing experiences since my last relationship ended.

I have gone on dates and dated some truly phenomenal women in the last six months. Each one has touched a part of my spirit that needed restoration. I use to not know how / or desire to "casually date" people. It felt really careless and weird. So i had to figure out a way on my own to build connections but maintain true to my commitment to not have a primary life partner at this time. Most people won't acknowledge that after a relationship ends sometimes you do need partners that are just meant to help you heal (directly and indirectly) not necessarily to become an integrated part of your life (even though they could be at some point). Their role isn't any less meaningful or valuable than a long term partner. Most would call it rebounding but I look at it as another version of healing.

Yes, you need your alone time but I think it's also valid to heal/grow through pleasure, connection and adventure. I don't know what's ahead but I am looking forward to just being open to making more beautiful memories like this.