I Create Sanctuaries For You To Rest & Recharge.


There's a hum in this photo.  

Time spent away in a breathtaking location.

Spending hours exploring the long held beliefs you hold about pleasure, rest and receiving. 

This is everything I've longed for this work and more.  

I’ve learned so many things about myself as an artist in the last month. 

I don’ identify as a coach anymore - I’m sitting in this until I can find a word that’s more aligned. Something about the title and the industry of life coaching has felt stifling, elitist and in constant contradiction with my journey in spiritual development and understanding of making a business.

While there’s major parts that feel wrong there are
some truths/practices/lessons that also resonate with my spirit. I’m shamelessly cherry picking from belief systems to create worlds that don’t yet exist. What became clear to me this weekend is I teach but not in the ways I originally thought.

I’ve always thought myself to be a teacher and performer of dance. I struggled a lot to articulate the difference between this space and other spaces. I know now that I create sanctuaries for women & gender non-conforming femmes to remember that we are holy and righteous in our pleasure and what wakes us up in life.

As Temptress we intentionally take the forbidden and unpack why it’s being withheld from us. Ultimately we discover the secret (and the reason for systemic withholding & punishing) is unlearning the deeply entrenched shame of owning our pleasure trifecta (sensual self, our sexual self and our spiritual self). When we understand that these entities can co-exist in harmony we self-destruct the illusion of the cage that puts a limit on pleasure.

Unlimited and tapped in experiences of pleasure means understanding you are a limitless being. Infinitely abundant,always loved,always held,always protected,desired,needed and cherished. It often times feels safer to reject this than embrace. Because allowing ourselves to receive is foreign.

The Pleasure Trifecta are Entities that feed each other and increase our opportunity for deliberate expansion and radiance.

So I teach women & gender non-conforming souls how to live in this space of allowing pleasure through a variety of interactive and tactile sensory explorations using a multi disciplinary approach to art as a healing practice.

This is not just “not your average dance class” it’s not a dance class at all. It’s a sanctuary where we can disarm and refuel for ourselves.

Check out this video compilation from our retreat experience this weekend. 
It's about 5 minutes long and Sade is serenading our souls..