Behind Creating Sex Is A God Thing - The Web Series



Back in 2014 I decided I wanted to create a short film that showcased a Queer married couple finding their way back to a passionate relationship after a lull in their Romatic life. I wanted to also show the women who were taking my erotic dance classes at the time that it was possible to be fully in your body, connect with your partner and not feel self conscious, nervous or inhibited in your erotic self. After the release of that microfilm we decided that we wanted to expand the story more to really follow the lives of Black Queer Women as three dimensional characters reconciling their sexuality and faith. This beautiful vision has grown so much in the last four years! Many of you all are here now due to seeing our original film and I cannot thank you enough!

The microfilm touched on passion and intimacy. Sex Is A God Thing - The Webseries goes deeper into the complex dynamics that many Black Queer Women have around their families, relationship, IVF treatment & Conception, grief, loss, betrayal, black girl Magic, Faith/Sexuality, Experiences of Homophobia and more. We are going there with these conversations and we aren’t holding back.



In June we are seeking to raise the capital to produce Season 1 of our Web Series. We are coming to our communities to ask for people to back this project so we can get this project off the ground. Thus far we have raised $3900+ of our $17,040 goal. Here’s the catch y’all if we DO NOT raise a minimum of 80% of our total goal we don’t receive the funding and no one is charged for their pledge. That’s why we need YOU.


Every single dollar that you can give count. And if you can’t give we would appreciate you just sharing the content and our crowdfunding page with people that you know. This story needs to be told for so many reasons and we cannot wait to share what we are up to as we head into production this Summer.


We would love to have 10 backers today to support our #queerWOC created web-series, Sex Is a God Thing !


Our @seedandspark #crowdfunding campaign ends in less than 21 days, & we would love your help! Visit the link below learn more and become a contributor today.


Behind The Scenes from our teaser shoot!

Director Zarinah Ali

Writer Chanel Glover

DP : Kamal Williams