The Temptress vs. Struggle Love


Hurt people hurt people - yes. But that doesn’t mean that we have to take constant mistreatment just because someone is not an emotionally stable or fruitful space in their lives.

I’ve seen a lot of conversations lately specifically around #strugglelove and let me tel you this. Yes, all relationships take a great amount of work, courage, conversation and growth that’s inevitable but there is nothing more draining than trying to drag a lifeless body up a Rocky Mountain just to say “we in this or #relationshipgoals”.

You don’t have to be someone’s emotional punching bag (for example: disrespecting you with their words, putting their hands on you, dishonoring your boundaries, negative feedback about your body, isolation from friends and family, constant attack, cheating,lying, hiding you in public but f*cking you in private) in order for someone to stand next to you in partnership.

There is no price to pay for love. Especially not one that feels like a sacrifice of your soul. YOU ARE WORTHY OF LOVE. That’s a full statement. There are no conditions or restrictions or clauses that would alter this #changelessfact YOU ARE WORTHY. #reclaimingyoursexy

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