A Non-Fitness, Non- Weightloss & Non-Male Gaze Approach To Feeling Sexy. -A Class Invitation


Beautiful Day,Temptresses!

I hope this message reaches you well. I'm writing to you today to share an invitation to The Temptress Masterclass Live. This course is designed to give you an intro into The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method (TheRYSMethod) a sensual dance & moving meditation method designed to help women have less stress, more confidence and way better sex. 

I've revamped and poured my soul into the new format for TheRYSMethod which now includes longer digital coaching & movement classes, in person weekend retreats and private coaching as an optional add on. I am deeply in love with what we have co-created together in order to make this possible. There are women in this program from California to Germany and I can say I honestly say this has been an absolute dream come true. 

So as we build this new experience I want to extend a heartfelt invitation to all of you to join me in this introduction to the new format. Ya'll know that I LOVE teaching live experiences. I love to be able to see you in person and dance with you as you move into this and through this practice. As a celebration of sorts :)  I have planned classes  in New York, Atlanta, Oakland and Chicago. Tickets are $45 per person and will remain this price until we sell out for the event. See Full Details & Purchase Tickets Here . If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to reply to this email. 

More About The Temptress Masterclass LIVE.

Over the last 10 years or so I’ve worked diligently to resist these classes becoming another part of the fitness/weight loss/workout spectrum. This is not a “get tight abs and a tight ass” type of class. Nor is it a class where you need to come “already feeling sexy”, ready to be Beyonce in Partion or with “good technique”. This class is an opportunity for you to move freely and without inhibition. The Temptress Masterclass is a class dedicated to you releasing the bullshit, reconnecting to your body and embodying your most sensual, open and alive self through dance.

Come as you are. Heartbroken, tired, angry, afraid, nervous, excited, confused, in love, yearning, disappointed, lost, blissful. Wherever you are on the emotional spectrum your truth is welcome in this space.

Finally - while I love the idea of being able to give you something that you can take home to your lover I want you to show up to this class for YOU. Show up for your healing, show up for your release, show up just to do something for YOU.Don’t hinge this act of self-care on how it will benefit someone else’s pleasure or desire. Hinge it on YOU.

Make you the priority in this space and IF there is overflow and you feel so inclined to give of your body and/self then share it with your beloved. But that is not a requirement or a pre-req for you to be in this space.

You DON’T need to have someone to do this practice for in order for it to be valuable or of use to your development and growth.

In fact if our sensuality is constantlywrapped up in how it serves someone else vs. ourselves we lose the opportunity to experience how rich it is to indulge in our erotic self for our own pleasure and serenity.

I am so looking forward to having you all in class! I can’t wait to dance with you. I’ll be venturing to New York, Atlanta, Oakland and Chicago!


Things to note about this experience:
•Class is 2.5 hrs. Get ready to sweat, laugh, cry and release!
•No dance experience needed at all!
•You do NOT need to already feel sexy in order to get the most out of this experience. It’s designed to help you tap back into that fierce, unapologetic and vibrant energy that is your sexy. So come as you are. No judgement zone.
•Heels are not required.
•This is a femme centered safe sanctuary.
•All body shapes/sizes/expressions celebrated & welcomed.
•Not A Weight Loss, Fitness or Technique Driven Experience.
•All Ethnicities Welcome.

Tickets are $45.


See you on the dance floor!