You Don’t Have To Be Feminine.


There’s a lot of language around women’s sexuality that says “be more in your feminine” as though this is the only way to relate to polar energy that being fluid or “masculine” (whether trans,gnc/non-binary or cis).

I believe that part of our culture’s disruption and toxicity around intimate relationships is that there is no room for femmes to be perceived as assertive/wolf-like/dominant or masculine presenting folks to be perceived as soft/nurturing/submissive without their sexual orientation becoming a question.

These rules were created to keep us feeling disconnected and misunderstanding of one another.

Coming home into your sensuality is not about shape shifting into feminine energy if that is NOT where you feel most alive. Are there tools/wisdom you can learn from femininity ? Yes. Are there tools/wisdom you can learn from masculinity? Yes. Are there tools/wisdom that we can learn from dancing across the gender expression spectrum or being devoted to a neutral or androgynous experience ? Absolutely.

Let coming home to your sensuality be truly about coming home to YOU not allowing your life to be a prison to other people’s confines around sexual expression. If you’re the one having sex,making connections etc it has to feel right for you and your body. No one else matters. 

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Over this week we are going to revisit some of my sensual moving meditation classes. These are 1 minute videos designed to give you simple steps to release tension, reconnect to your body and take some much needed time for you.

Check out this one minute practice to "Losin Control" by RUSS

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