Want To Feel More Uninhibited in Your Sensual Expression in Your Relationship and Life?


Happy Saturday,Temptresses!!

Whenever you're ready, here are three ways that you can work with me to become more unapologetic in your sensual expression so you can have more pleasure and deeper intimacy in your relationship and life. 

1. Join The Temptress Online Studio for My Monthly  Sensual Moving Meditation Classes & Self-Love Rituals To Reduce Stress, Build Confidence & Increase Pleasure.  This subscription is $35/m or $299/yr. Purchase Membership Here

2. The Temptress Masterclass LIVE- coming to #NewYork, #Atlanta and #Oakland. Early Bird Ticket Sales End Soon! Grab your seat today.  Tickets start at $45 for Individuals and $30/pp For Groups. Purchase tickets here!

3. Interested in my longer group or private coaching programs or the weekend retreats to take a deeper study of owning your sensual expression,reconnecting to your body and experiencing more pleasure in bed and life? Join the mastery course by scheduling a consultation + registration here You'll find out all the details on the course and whether it's the right fit for you at this time.

Can’t wait to dance with you!

🎧 Number One Remix - Boy Teddy