Healing Our Relationship To Our Sexuality & Spirituality in Tandem.

Photo by 3rdEyePerspectives

Photo by 3rdEyePerspectives



The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method is a healing modality. Often times women will say when they hear the name of the Method “well i'm already sexy” and I want offer some clarity.

This course affirms that you are ALREADY sexy and No one needs to give that back to you. The part of sexy that I am helping to women reclaim encompasses: owning your voice, healing sexual shame, falling in love with and taking care of your body, creating spaces for self-care so you feel more radiant and less overwhelmed and tired, putting yourself first, knowing your worth, giving yourself grace, allowing for forgiveness all the aspects of our healing that we at times lose sight of in the day to day doing of life. When we reconnect to our Temptress we reconnect back to a source within us that fuels us, heals us and allows us to grow.

We go beyond the performance and presentation of sexy to understand how making peace with our sexuality and spirituality in tandem, specifically through dance/movement empowers us to be able to heal. Because healing is a lifelong journey not a destination. And we need more healing practices and modalities in this world that honor our total being and make space for us to experience restoration beyond neck up experiences (prayer, scriptures, books, affirmations, chanting etc) and that bring joy back into the entire body.

Learn more about the method and purchase your ticket for one of my upcoming masterclasses in New York,Atlanta,Oakland or Chicago by visiting the link Below.

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