Allowing Myself To Feel Again


<Allowing Yourself To Feel>

I’m in a bit of a rebirth. It’s been some time since I have shared my personal practice. Over the last few months I’ve felt really on edge. My body becoming sick and being In and out of hospitals, pulling through the growth of being newlyweds and facing new experiences together, the discomfort around understanding where I wanted this work to go long term, struggling with my sense of sisterhood and community, Not hitting the funding goal for our web series and at times just feeling less than Sexy in my existence let alone my body. I have been frustrated,tired and heartbroken to say the least.

What I have done to pull through these spaces is coming back home into my movement practice to unravel and surrender whatever is on my heart. No technique or routine required. I just have to show up in the space and be honest as I allow my body to react to the movement. Some days my practice looks erotic and wild, the next day there is a distinct stillness and another day it’s laden with grief. But each time I allow whatever is there to show it’s face I feel stronger for not just stuffing it down.

One of the lessons that we are working through in the #reclaimingyoursexy class is how to utilize our sensual movement practice to create space for all of our emotions to be present for us? How do we go beyond the surface version of sexy? How do we go beyond performance to embodiment? How do we allow space to acknowledge exactly how we are feeling without having to dance over it or fix over it up in order to not make people uncomfortable?

These questions have created the framework for us to deep dive into our sensual practice and allow our bodies to feel.

One of the most crucial pieces of unlearning sexual shame is being able to resensitize our bodies to care,rest and pleasure without this impending fear of harm. It’s re-learning how to feel —- safely. Feeling the discomfort, curiosity, anxiety, bliss, doubt, desire, pain and working with it vs. against it.

How does this help us? It makes room for us to show up differently in our lives.

We’re able to find a sense of clarity.

We’re able to ask our partners for quality time and physical intimacy.

We’re able to communicate the “YES” of our body’s desires during sex.

We’re able to feel strong in our expression of vulnerability being naked emotionally and physically. It’s here where we reclaim freedom. Freedom from powerlessness.

Start creating a practice for yourself at home this month where you take time to allow yourself to feel. Here are 3 steps that I want you to utilize this week.

1. Look at your calendar this week and find one day where you can take 15 minutes to yourself somewhere private in your home.

2. Grab my July Playlist you'll see it embedded below.

3. Take your 15 mins to just sit with the music and only move when your body feels ready.

I’d love to hear below in the comments how you integrate these steps this week.


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