Who Is Calling You On Your Bullshit?


Who is calling you out on your b.s?


I’m always in awe of the experiences that I receive when I travel to teach. This class round I stayed with my sister Aeleise, whom I’ve known since I was 6.


Aeleise has watched me and we have watched each other shape shift,shed and evolve different skins as we have grown in our lives.


As I prepared to teach last night,Aeleise asked me to film some content for my online studio and I felt immediately resistant. I got in my head, My body locked up, I thought of all the reasons it didn’t make sense, I fought taking the moment to slow down and move tooth and nail.


I’ve been feeling a lot. Especially an immense amount of failure and heartbreak as I’ve recovered from major losses. Working through the disappointment, hell  acknowledging the disappointment has been painful - and getting back up has felt even more painful.


That’s the thing about self-doubt is that if we don’t have a process of releasing its energy from the muscle memory of the body it paralyzes.


For me that emotional paralyzing looked like not showing up all the way in my work, hiding, dimming my light, letting others control the narrative of my story when I know I am so much more powerful than that.


We finally filmed that movement session and I was brought to tears. And then class last night was a hurricane of transformation and embodiment that felt connected and powerful and awe inspiring. Lord! I am so grateful for the women in my life who refuse to let me not see myself. We need those women who will call us on our shit and not back down No matter how much we run or how much we act as though we’ve got it all together. Who is calling you out on your bs?