When Was The Last Time You Took Three Hours For You?


Where in your life do you have three hours of uninterrupted time just for you? 

 This past weekend I had the blessed opportunity to teach my fifth class in California and my third class in Oakland within the past year. The vibe, the love, the energy here in California is so good to my soul. Immediately stepping off the plane I can feel a sense of ease in being able to slow down from the hustle and bustle. Sprawling mountains, beautiful bodies of water, plenty of space to roam for delicious food and adventure. I’m hooked every time we come together. 


I intentionally left my laptop at home for this trip. I usually plan to bring a few things with me to work on so I can make my trips productive. I realized as I was packing for this trip that setting aside time to rest, making space to play or escape with my love, the only task for the day being wandering to the beach is much needed for me to be able to actually thrive. 


What I’ve found in myself and other women is that that the need to constantly be doing is often a mask for discomfort in other areas of lives. We focus the most energy on the tasks that we feel we have the most control in the final result. This is the antithesis of rest and ultimately surrender. 


We cannot truly experience the height of our pleasure if we are constantly shrinking under a need to control. 


So I want to challenge you this week to think about where in your life you can spend a little less time doing and a little more time indulging in play time. 


I want you to find your three hours this week and at the end of each night write down something you did that day that wasn’t work related and how it felt to be in that space. 


Here are a few moments documenting how I find rest and play this week. Cannot wait to embody this energy as we arrive back home. 


with love,


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