Online Classes & Private Coaching


One of the big intentions that I set over a year ago was to reach more women with this work- even women who could not show up in the physical space. Over the last year I’ve worked to start translating our work live into online experiences that you could indulge from the comfort of your home.  


For my Temptresses who are not able to join us for a live in person class or retreat or would like more privacy for your sensual learning journey here are a few options for you to explore.  

1. Digital Self-Study Guides $15-39


The digital guides are designed as simple assignments that you can come back to again and again for that reboot and recharge to remember your most audiacious and powerful self. 

2. The Temptress Sensual Self-Care Studio $45/month

The Temptress Sensual Self-Care Studio is a curated monthly class which offers a playlist, movement tutorial, journal prompts and exercises on how to come back home into your most audacious self.  

3. Private Coaching (By Application Only) 

Not able to attend live classes? Want a more intimate experience? Desire to have more privacy in your learning journey? Private coaching is the perfect solution for your needs. Private coaching clients are taken by application only. Click the link below to apply.