Reclaiming The Narrative Of My Body.

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Reclaiming The Narrative of My Body  

This past Sunday I went back to visit my home church TUCC here in Chicago and Rev. Angela Walton (as always) brought the entire church down with this beautiful song “Lord, I Thank You For My Life”. Whenever I need clarity I go to the water to dance or to pray. I wanted to share a bit of that process with you all today. I hope you enjoy. 

Self-Potrait. Shot in The iPhone. 

Self-Potrait. Shot in The iPhone. 


For many months now i’ve been feeling a nudge to share more clips of how I make dance a devotion practic. I’ve been a bit hesitant to share in fear of being misunderstood again or folks not understanding how to connect the dots between the sexual and spiritual aspects of my work.

 Well, as visibility has grown around here over the last year after @sexisagodthingwebseries went viraI saw some of the crap that people said about me online, even within my personal circles and truthfully it was challenging at times. 

I had to step back and do some deep reflection about how I wanted to show up here in this online space. I decided I would rather be misunderstood for the true intention of my work than to continue to highlight the piece that previously felt like the most easily understood or sellable aspect of the work. I’m not interested in the fast path to success or doing what's on trend. I’m here to live on purpose and to do the work I've been called to do.

Photo by Destiny Webster

Photo by Destiny Webster


So what does that mean? You’ll see I don’t share many of my sensual practice videos or content publicly anymore. I save these for the women who are making a commitment to step into this journey by registering for one of my programs.

I got tired of seeing the intention behind my work misconstrued, hypersexualized,shamed and ridiculed on such a wide spectrum. None of it sat well with my spirit anymore. Even though I know I cannot control people's perceptions of my work - whether I am fully clothed or not - the challenges I faced highlighted a deep desire to teach on a different level. 

I had to be honest with myself, if it meant I needed to walk away from this work in order to reclaim my peace of mind and to feel safe then I would close up shop in a heartbeat. Because no work is ever going to cost me my sanity. I’m not here to be a martyr or even a role model. I’m just here to find the work that makes me the happiest I can be and that will provide the life that I want to give my family.


photo by Destiny Webster

I’ve always said the work that we do in class is just for us and then whoever we decide to share with or not. And now it’s time to return to that original foundation.

When you come to my workshops or retreats you won’t see people shoving their cameras or iphones in your face. It’s not allowed.

You won’t see the windows wide open with men gawking at you from the street. Every space is intentionally closed off for your privacy.

And you won’t see images of yourself online reveling in the most sacred parts of this process for everyone to indulge. Why? Because it’s not for them. It’s for you.

We document the process for you and only share the images that capture the essence of the class experience vs. exposing your personal journey.

Our sensuality is not a performance. It’s an opportunity to unravel from the numbness so you can feel again. So you can heal the way you live and breathe in your body. So you can actually enjoy intimacy with your partner. So you can stop reacting to your past and be right here, right now and in this present moment.

Self-Potrait Iphone

Self-Potrait Iphone


I’m often reminded of our Reclaiming Your Sexy workshop experience in Oakland last year. I was blown away by the way our experience took shape. We peeled back all the layers of numbness (I.e grief, rage, disappointment, anxiety and fear) to get to the core and awaken the Temptress within us. By the end of the workshop we were all in tears, viscerally purging all the pain that had mounted within us and gospel music was playing in the background as women moved uninhibited in their bodies. Not what you would expect from a sensual dance class I imagine but that’s what makes this work different. That’s what makes this process actually have an impact on your day-to-day life. We’re not focusing on the performance of Sexy - we’re getting to the root of the disconnection between you and your confidence so you can step back into your life feeling more powerful than you’ve ever felt before.


But why say Temptress? Why say Temptress when in many spiritual spaces being seductive carries such a negative impact and weight? I use Temptress as a act of reclamation. The Temptress is the seductive dance of spirit calling you back home to your worth, your confidence, your joy, your vision and your pleasure in life. When we awaken her, we come back to life.

Do you find yourself curious about reconnecting to sensuality, feeling confident and alive and turned on in your body?

Do you crave to feel comfortable in your skin when you are intimate with your partner?

Are you exploring your sexual identity and hungry for safe spaces for reflective conversation with other women who have a desire to be sexually liberated as well?

Do you want to find that space in your life where you can be wild + holy? Untamed and sacred? Uninhibited and graceful?

I want you to join me for the July Reclaiming Your Sexy Intro Course. The RYS intro course includes a 10 week digital group coaching course with live coaching with me and a three day in person retreat in New York, Atlanta, Chicago or Oakland.

Hit the link below to schedule your free 20 minute consultation and registration session. There’s no obligation to sign up. If this program isn’t the right fit for you we have a couple program options to help you get started and can also make referrals for other teachers.

Photo by Destiny Webster   

Photo by Destiny Webster