New Year. New Vision.


Temptresses Happy New Year!

I know it’s almost mid month lol. I’m a bit of a slow mover.

Will you do something with me? Let’s call in something bold and unrealistic today. Something outrageous - that you feel isn’t possible without time or twenty steps prior to it’s actualization. Let’s speak life into that thing together.

You don’t have to share it with me but I would LOVE to hear your visions for the new year.

I’ll share some of mine with you today.

I crave to unapolgetically make more space for rest. Pure rest. Rest that is not attached to getting ready or prepped for the next thing. Just rest. And to spend more time proactively pouring into myself.

This year I am craving to spend a lot of time with my love on balconies all across the world overlooking majestic scenery and feeling at ease and saturated in joy.

This year I crave a full time creative producing team. I’ve seen what we can accomplish in short burst with a ton of support now I crave that daily. With brilliant minds who are not afraid to do the unrealistic thing everyday as the new standard.

I crave to experience even more serenity and grace. I want the strength to be very gentle with myself when things don’t go as planned and the agility to redirect with less feelings of shame or guilt.

I crave to grow stronger in the way I show up for my partner in this life. To remember we are curators. To remember we don’t have to be perfect but present. To remember we have time and we have already won.

I crave to give myself even more permission to be bolder and more courageous. I give myself permission to take risks that I’ve only dreamed about.

Have you created your vision for the year yet?
no? That’s okay. I love to take the entire first month or so to reset from producing,teaching,traveling for nine months straight.

So even if you haven’t sat down with your vision just yet there is still time! This week I want you to write down your vision for 2019 this week. Next time we will talk about the critical step to do *after* you write the vision down. Alright! That’s all for this week ya’ll!

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