Stop Rewriting The Plan & Act


Last November as we were traveling I started my end of the year personal reflection process. I asked myself a thousand questions about the year. I combed through my personal and business life a little bit each day to look for clarity. Over a few hours I built about 3-4 pages of a “vision + lifestyle” bible so to speak.I really just enjoy journaling and writing a lot. If I am not conscious though I can get into the habit of over planning. I am the person who will rewrite the same plan over and over when I’m feeling confused about my direction at times. Something I’ve committed to shaking off more quickly this year.

So today. Instead of writing down the same questions again I went searching in my notebook to find the plan and the clarity. Total game changer. Every question I’ve been tossing around is here and already answered. I can edit/update but I don’t have to start from scratch.

How can you make each time intentional? Do you find yourself journaling just about process and dump information? When was the last time you returned for the plan,the self-inquiry and the vision?

I challenge you today to go back and read one of your most recent journals. Maybe you’ll find some clarity there today that you’ve already fleshed out. I know I did! #Day8 #reclaimingyoursexy