It’s All Falling Together.





One 12 hour pleasure Intensive later.

I have always wanted a home that I could host in one day. To have my clients come to me so it was easier on my body to host. To be able to create customized spaces for different women based on their needs. I recently asked a client if she would be willing to fly to meet me at our home in Chicago for our upcoming session. She said yes! So we flew her here for a one day #reclaimingyoursexy Intensive. It was incredible. To be able to make space for this is definitely a dream. To have a home again that feels safe and spacious enough to bring my clients to is unreal.

I think about the times I sat in my old house wishing for the life that I have today.... There was so much turmoil and so much pain in that house and all I could see when I closed my eyes was waking up to look at the water. I didn’t know how or where or when but I just kept seeing it. While my life at the time felt like it was crumbling apart It was all really falling together. I know now: She had to leave. So I could finally know what it felt like to be loved for all of me. I had to finally learn how to trust my own vision. That project had to collapse so I could see how bad I really wanted this work and go on to create even better experiences. If I hadn’t gone through those storms this moment could not exist. I would not have all that I have now. I am so deeply grateful for the valley of life bringing me here.

The shit never feels good when it’s happening. Never. But when you have those small moments where you have hope just know that’s your future self calling you into the next chapter. The story inevitably ends in our victory.

Here’s to trusting the process.