3 Excuses That Keep You From Owning Your Sensual Self.


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Here’s the thing: I’ve designed this masterclass with you in mind. Your busy lifestyle, your packed schedule, all of it. I get it, cause I live it, too. And I can tell you for sure that not a second of your time will be wasted. Each minute we spend together will be an investment in your exploration and personal growth into your sensuality journey. 

On this class we are going to cover a ton of content that will be helpful in your journey. 

How To....

  • Create a deeper connection with your body

  • Stop believing if you just change one more thing about yourself that you'll be worthy of love.

  • Take the confidence you feel in other areas of your life and pour that into the way you see and feel in your body in bed & life

  • Get back to that woman in you that's clear about what she wants and how she wants it. And isn't afraid to ask for it.

  • Reclaim the narrative of your body & your sexuality

  • Feel an unconditional love for yourself even on the days when you don't feel your sexiest. 

  • How to feel connected to your authentic expression of your sensuality without having to perform for the male gaze.

I know so many women that deeply want to get back to their most confident self. Year after year we see each other in passing (online & in person) and they say "I need to get into your class" and months roll by and they never show up.  We can make so many different excuses about why we can't tap into our sensuality or make time for ourselves in this way.

Here are some of the excuses I hear often and my little combat to help you take a leap to invest in yourself. 

Excuse #1 “I don’t have enough time to make my  "sexy" a priority right now anyway.”

Reality: Really? Well, how about we make the time. 

If you continuously try to take on the weight of the world, do for everyone else, put everyone else’s needs before your own, what do you really have left at the end of the day for you? If you don’t have space for you, you won’t have the energy to explore the your wants/needs/desires sexually. There has to be space for ecstasy. We can’t expect it to show up when our plates are completely full with no room left to spare. Intimacy needs space to breathe. 

Making the time to show up live is honoring your commitment to yourself to take more time to focus on yourself and doing things that make you feel really good. Plus, showing up live is key to getting the maximum value from this masterclass. (And I’m all about that maximum value life!) 


Excuses #2 : “I’ll catch it another time.” 

Reality:  Will you, though? This interactive masterclass is designed to give you everything you need but only if you attend LIVE. You’ll miss the opportunity to get your questions answered,get feedback on your specific scenario and be energized and motivated by connecting with me and hundreds of other women that will be there LIVE. (Plus, let’s be honest, if you don’t make time this time, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll make time later.) 


Excuse #3: “I've done all the tricks before and nothing has helped me feel comfortable in my body when it's time time to have sex. This program isn't going to change that."

Reality: I have worked with hundreds of women  over the past 10+years and can tell you with certainty that it’s very hard to get to the place of shameless,uninhibited and passionate sex without truly knowing how to embody your sensuality just for you. You’ll continuously grow distant in the space of intimacy with your partner, putting it off,putting it off and putting it off until “you have time” and the problems stack, the pain stacks, the disconnection stacks and you look up in year and you don’t recognize yourself or your partner - you’ve just become roommates. Not to mention the immense amount of time and energy saved and peace of mind. 


Don’t believe me? Just listen to what some of my past customers have to say:

 First I want to tell you what a transformative experience I had today.   I feel more open, available and more myself than I have felt in decades.  You are an extremely powerful healer, and I feel awed by your work.  It felt sacred; I felt like the Goddess I am, and have some tools to recreated that reality in my daily life.  I can’t thank you enough. We were all there longing for the same thing.  You connected us and helped us know that we had experience, pains, joys. That, in itself, was healing. 

-Dyanna, Oakland

"I just have to let you know that I left class tonight feeling so damn sexy. I'm a Type A person. I like lists and order. Pragmatism is my shit. But this class? None of that matters. And it's fucking beautiful and dope. I step into the dim red light and I'm reminded that there's no thinking my way through the moves and stretches. There's only doing, being, loving, touching, trying. There's only joy in the journey. There's only my body, my peace, my pleasure, my confidence. Why worry about my stretch marks and what people might think and being perfect? Why worry at all? Your class? This experience? It's the freedom every woman deserves. It's the sensuality every woman should hold dear. It's intimacy and self-love personified. 
Thank you!"


Okay that's it for today ya'll! Ready to join for the free masterclass. Are you ready to join me for the free online class: Are You Faking It? 4 Tools To Help You Drop The Act & Finally Feel Like Your Most Confident Self Again! Thursday, January 24,2019 12:00-1:00 pm CSTSign up here to register