When Sh*t Goes Off Plan....Show Up Anyway.


Ahh!! ❤️❤️ Yesterday’s masterclass was so good! There was a major tech-crash in the beginning and it nearly sent me into a state of panic. As we kicked off the call I talked about  how to give ourselves a break in times of distress. Instead of avoiding the obvioua fail or do the "Hey look. I'm a good girl. Please don't be mad at me” dance. I put the people pleaser in me to sleep and I let my Temptress take the stage for the conversation.

I’m grateful that I leaned into my self care practice to immediately snatch myself back (with love) so I could be present. If my anxiety had taken over this would have been a disaster with 200+ women waiting for class to begin.

Confidence is not about having it altogether all the time. Confidence is not about having to “fake it til we make it”. Confidence is not about avoiding the parts of our history that feel chaotic or messy. Confidence is about acknowledging that all parts of us are worthy and we only understand this and learn when we have cultivated a practice of coming back home to the body.

If you're thinking "Great..well how do I do that? Like real tangible action steps"

Then keep reading because I have the solution.

On the masterclass yesterday I announced I was opening the doors to my new online self-study course: Deliberately Sexy.

Deliberately Sexy is a confidence and sensuality self-study course. Inside you'll find your introduction to creating a simple self-care practice that helps you awaken that deliberately sexy woman in you. I'm taking all of the guesswork out taking care of yourself. All you have to do is make 20-30 mins for yourself a couple times a week from the comfort of your home.

Learn How To :

  • Feel an unconditional love for yourself even on the days when you don't feel your sexiest
  • Create a deeper connection with your body
  • Reclaim the narrative around your sexuality
  • Stop believing if you just change one more thing about yourself that you'll be worthy of love
  • Get back to that woman in you that's clear about what she wants and how she wants it. And isn't afraid to ask for it

The self-study program Includes:

  • The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method Sensual Moving Meditation Digital Classes.
  • The 30 Day Sample Sensual Self-Care Calendar
  • How To Embody Your Confidence & Sensuality Coaching Class
  • The Temptress Playlists
  • BONUS: 4 Week Self-Care Challenge via Email for Accountability & Guidance

You SAVE $200 when you register by 1pm CST Saturday, January 25th 2019.

Get all the details about Deliberately Sexy intro course here to make sure this is right for you, but for those who can't wait another second here's an "impatient person's link" if you’re ready to get out there and kill ‘em (oooh … kill ‘em!).  

Talk soon!

P.S. Want to take it slow? That's cool. Our coaching class yesterday was jammed packed with so much information I knew that people would want to go back and sit with the conversation that we had. As I listened to the conversation again myself, I heard some really huge takeaways in one of the exercises. I didn't want you to miss the notes in all the other information. So I created worksheet with just this exercise for you to complete at your own pace. Head over to this link to grab the class replay & worksheet guide only.