Making The Decision To Rest.


In true fashion of our class theme we are having another glitch and the system won’t allow us to end the early bird pricing. We have friends in town and we are super excited. We stayed up all night watching the sunrise and laughing at the top of our lungs (also trying not to wake the baby).

Have you ever had difficulty making a decision on what to do about a problem? I have this *all* the time. Running this company,producing films while growing in our journey as newlyweds and just maintaining my sense of aliveness I am navigating many decisions constantly.

I use to freeze and panic. Stalling. Afraid of making the wrong decision. I was living in this constant panic of others not liking me or feeling like my needs/wants were a burden. So I could ever make a decision clearly. When I started trusting my practice I found a new way to make decisions that felt grounded and authentic.

When I realized there was yet another tech issue today I knew I had two options:

1. I could Sit here and watch the computer for the next two hours and revamp backend links to a higher offer just to keep forcing the same plan that the sale was ending. Stress and miss time with people I love dearly.


2. Breathing. Sharing this email. Contacting the support team enjoying the rest of our day with friends in town. It’s not the same plan. I might not get the same result. But the difference is I’m remembering my practice and not making decisions from a place of fear. I’m putting aside my fear of messing up and choosing to embody what will bring me joy.

This is is what I hope for you as you dive through the Deliberately Sexy program. I hope that you allow yourself the opportunity to remember these changeless facts and allow this knowledge to influence every decision you make today.

-you’re enough
-they will be fine
-it’s okay to change the plan
-yes you are still worthy
-no this isn’t detrimental
-yes we can try again
-no - no one cares and if they do *fuck em*.

So while we get this worked out on the back end the sale will continue to run. Once it is resolved you’ll receive another email to share a 60 minutes to cart closing.

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Deliberately Sexy is a confidence and sensuality self-study course. Inside you'll find your introduction to creating a simple self-care practice that helps you awaken that deliberately sexy woman in you. I'm taking all of the guesswork out taking care of yourself. All you have to do is make 20-30 mins for yourself a couple times a week from the comfort of your home.

Learn How To :

  • Feel an unconditional love for yourself even on the days when you don't feel your sexiest
  • Create a deeper connection with your body
  • Reclaim the narrative around your sexuality
  • Stop believing if you just change one more thing about yourself that you'll be worthy of love
  • Get back to that woman in you that's clear about what she wants and how she wants it. And isn't afraid to ask for it

The self-study program Includes:

  • The Reclaiming Your Sexy Method Sensual Moving Meditation Digital Classes.
  • The 30 Day Sample Sensual Self-Care Calendar
  • How To Embody Your Confidence & Sensuality Coaching Class
  • The Temptress Playlists
  • BONUS: 4 Week Self-Care Challenge via Email for Accountability & Guidance

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