Lessons from Cardi B on Reclaiming Your Sexy After Heartbreak.


If you've had your ear anywhere near Instagram in the last few months then you know first hand that Cardi B and her husband Offset officially called it quits after he cheated ....again.

Cardi is giving me all types of #hoenanigans lifestyle and I am so damn here for it, Temptresses.

She is our first Temptress Icon.

What is a Temptress Icon?

A Temptress Icon is a powerhouse woman who is fighting incredible odds and deliberately finding ways to shine in spite of her circumstances. I've know some phenomenal stories of other women rising from the ashes and I am really looking forward to them with you. I'm very passionate about women reclaiming the narrative of their lives -most especially after devastation. It's when we choose to step deeper into our practice and unrelentingly create space release & refuel that when we really start to see our power flex.There's nothing greater than watching a woman shed the layers of defeat so she can shine again.

Now today I have some really special news to share!!

First off all this week I launched my most comprehensive introduction course to help you begin your journey into embodying your sensuality and feeling more confident. The course is called Deliberately Sexy and it's an online self-study course designed to offer you simple self-care practices to help you come back home to your most confident and sensually alive self.  Click here to register (There's still time to save $200 on your registration!)

Did you miss the free masterclass from this week as well? Well don't worry. Head over here to grab the replay and worksheet.

And the best news of all my love and I have started a new digital media hub called Queer & Married. We released our first podcast episode today and we would love for you to go check it out.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why is Queer & Married important to us?
  • Cardi B & The Ex Chronicles
  • Autonomy & Owning It For Yourself
  • Dealing with our grief after heartbreak

When we were sitting down to create this I knew I had to share it with you all based on our our conversation this week about not faking it -

not faking
our happiness
being satisfied
being hurt
feeling ___________ (you fill in the blank).

I think you'll enjoy!


Hit the link or picture below to listen. Listen Now