That Time I Auditioned For Lizzo’s Coachella Set.


Y’all!!!!!!! I’m twerking with LIZZOOOOO 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍

*long story please pull up a chair*

Yesterday was an absolute ball. First of all I auditioned for fucking Coachella. Wtf???? Never in my life did I think I would be in that room. I did not get selected for the second round of auditions. I was sad not to hear my number called and definitely held my breath until the end for the possibility. But when I didn’t I gathered myself to thank everyone for the opportunity. I remembered my intention was to come and dance for me because I needed that whole experience. But let me tell you this - I could feel what they were looking for BUT either way I made a point to enjoy the hell out of this experience. I said in my heart “I flew here, sis. You gon see me today. Fuck the humble shit.” I threw my little jacket down and gave her all the Temptress Energy I could muster. Aka I slithered across the floor and dropped across her table 😹😹😹. Meooow. I have to show y’all the video with Miller in the background 😍😍

I got so much out of yesterday. I haven’t shared this publicly but about a year or so ago Lizzo reached out to me after seeing Sex Is A God Thing - The Web Series I just woke up the next day to her message and promptly threw my phone across the room because when did life turn into waking up to messages from Lizzo. 😭😭. Well during the audition folks had an opportunity to talk and share why the day meant so much to them. I was chosen to share and thanked her for creating the space and mentioned us connecting awhile ago. She remembered ❤️ and shared that she had been trying to come take class 💀💀. Talk about endorsement.

When she reached out to me in 2017 we attempted to coordinate but timing didn’t work with us both being on tour. I held it close to my chest for over a year and watched this rise of her work, visibility and impact grow. I just knew that there would be an opportunity one day to work with her 1:1. And still feel that in my soul. This wasn’t the right placement but I’ve added so much momentum to the desire. I am sitting in anticipation of what’s next. I know it’s going to lay me out in the best way possible.

A few weeks ago (Feb 7) I shared a clip of me moving to her new song Juice saying, “I would love to dance with her this year”. Our theme for February was “Do Sh*t That Scares You* Everyone tagged her but no response from her team. So I enjoyed the energy of it and just kept moving forward feeling myself deeply in alignment with her work. Remembering our friend Nicole Evans telling us that in SPIRIT there are no probabilities. If I felt that I was suppose to work with her then I needed to continue to call it in.

Before we we left for Ohio, for our goddaughter’s birthday, and my Sunday class,  I looked at the old video from Feb 7th. I said to myself “don’t worry you’re going to get the opportunity. There are no probabilities”. (March 15.)

On (March 16) Lizzo posted a dancers call for plus size bodies on her IG. I applied while at dinner with our goddaughter.  At midnight or so I got the reply back that I had been accepted and needed to be in LA the next day.

We got aligned. Got our tickets. Our families supported us getting there. We could not do this without the people that support us frfr in times of need. And we are grateful to be that support system for others. Lisa and Mama Chevella helped us get packed up from class. Our friend Harmony and their husband Dave opened up their home to us in LA for us to stay. We used travel credits that we’d been saving to book an anniversary trip to cover everything. And we left class in Columbus on Sunday, and got on the plane to LA.

By noon on Monday (March 18), I was standing in the same room with her dancing for my life.

*Noting dates intentionally for my manifestors.*

I was in tears grateful for all the beautiful women that she did select. Listen - the stories that these women brought into the room about being ostracized in other dance spaces, wearing multiple waist trainers and extreme measures to workout to be able to get hired to do the work they love. Yo- it just put a whole different fire in my spirit. The work that Lizzo is doing is groundbreaking. I know y’all already know that. She is forcing the hand of the industry to change. This audition took place because she was frustrated with what the agencies brought to her for the first round of auditions. If y’all not into it get your shit together because things are growing and changing fast.

Truly being in that room helped me to understand/articulate the work that I want to do in the entertainment industry. As a creative director and as a teacher of sensuality, I want to make sure that these iconic beautiful souls that are making a rise in Hollywood are able to own, embody and express their sensuality without being fetishized, or over sexualized by the industry’s dominant male gaze. There’s so much work to be done, but today, I am simply grateful that I had the will to just show up.

Thank you all for your love support and energy. I was in tears yesterday reading all the comments. I love y’all! Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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