Starting Small. Build Momentum.

Starting Small.

Y’all I love the work that I do so much. I’m grateful for the community of women that come together to experience this space. I want to be real with y’all being a young business owner has had its challenges. I have always had elaborate ideas for these experiences. One of those ideas being retreats with women around the world. Literally I’ve had written on the wall of my bedroom since I was kid “I want to dance,speak and teach around the world.”

Trying to bring this vision to life has not come without obstacles. But every time we get knocked down we stand up stronger. My first retreat was not successful. In fact I lost everything that year trying to host. I was scared beyond belief trying to create another full scale event and shied away. I dropped my prices significantly. Please note that this is not a good sales strategy but it worked for where my confidence was at the time. If my prices had been at their regular rate I would have been emotionally stuck trying to sell. So I sold what I could in order to keep working. More on this later.

And what happened that year is that I rebuilt my confidence piece by piece. Every class sold out. With pricing being lower we were able to meet over 150 new women on the dance floor that summer between Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Oakland. It was amazing. Not sustainable but exactly what my soul needed.

Then came the big test. I was hosting my first retreat in New York. The plan did not pan out the way I desired BUT I made a commitment to push. Let me tell you every obstacle that could knock us down met us at the door that weekend in New York. I’ll share some throwbacks in my stories. The big vision is ALWAYS the goal and YES IT IS POSSIBLE. Start with the first iteration of that big vision.

My ultimate goal.... to invite my clients to our beach home in Salavador De Bahia,Brazil for these elaborate sensual self-care experiences. So how did I start to embody this big desire? Well- we hosted our final gathering that weekend in New York in this delicious Brazilian restaurant. Show up for your dream with your whole heart. Stay committed through your small actions.

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