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SShowing Up Anyway

Day 🌹4 of 7.

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A few weeks ago my love and I went to Improv for Anxiety at The Second City. It was truly a breath of fresh air and such a great date night experience.

For the first time, amongst a group of other artists, I shared the levels of shame and defeat I’ve been navigating after my audition in LA for Lizzo’s Coachella Performance. Y’all, I was good until I got home. Lol. I’m sure my other performers here can relate. And then all the gremlins (Brené Brown) questions set up shop to question why I decided to make such a decision.

Man oh man.

self-doubt will take you there.

I remember telling myself before the audition don’t avoid sharing this with your community because you’re afraid you won’t get the job. Nobody wants to share that they are auditioning for Lizzo and then not come back saying “i got the job”. The only way sharing could be risky if is perfection was my expectation. That wasn’t the point. I wanted to land the job but I wanted even more to stop being afraid to show up and audition. To stop being afraid to put myself out there.

That night the therapist reminded us “the success and win is in the process and showing up just as much as the result”. Anxiety can send us into a spiral of avoiding the thing that feels uncomfortable in order to affirm feelings of safety. Which can ultimately cause us to label something we love as “too much” vs taking time to sit in the discomfort and disappointment. This is what I’ve done to acting and performing for quite some time.

I’m reminding myself that part of this journey is also navigating through times of uncertainty, confusion, low self-esteem and finding my way back to my center/my home/my grounding.

What this whole experience did reveal to me is just how badly I desire to be back on stage and work in film. Sometimes it takes initiations (in the words of Carolyn Myss) in order to bring clarity and more aligned purpose.

I want you to stop playing small and stop avoiding the rejection. The dream is just on the other side of that last no.

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