The Reclaiming Your Sexy 101 Seminar over Dinner



Are you curious about developing a relationship to your sensuality that feels authentic and potent for you?

Do you crave to feel more connected to your body?

Do you want to feel comfortable talking about what you want and desire vs. bottling everything up.

Do you want a self care practice that doesn’t feel like another thing on your to - do list?

Do you want to feel sovereign over your sensual and sexual self in all areas of your life?

Are you nervous about embracing your sexuality due to conflict with your spiritual upbringing?

If you said yes to any of the above then you’re in the right place.

The Reclaiming Your Sexy Seminar Series is designed to help you cultivate a connection to your erotic self as a sacred practice. By taking you on a gentle journey through the spectrum of sensuality, Rashi guides students to understand that our emotional life is deeply intertwined with our sexual expression.

We don’t have to wait for the mood to strike or jack ourselves up to impossible standards in aesthetics, emotionality or lifestyle in order to access our erotic self. We shift from viewing our sensual self as merely for the pleasure of another to an experience that allows us to deeply witness the power of sensuality in even the most mundane parts of life. Throughout the series we come to understand our erotic self as more than a performance and as a vessel for healing, radiance and joy.

Come join me for an evening discussion. Capacity is limited to 10-20 guests per class for intimacy and privacy. Location will be sent out for the event day of to registered guests only. Cost of ticket does not cover food or drinks.

What You Will Learn In This Introductory Class:

Part One: Release

* Shedding The Layers.

* Owning Your Body Unapologetically.

* Understanding The Projection & Awakening Confidence.

* A Return To Pleasure.

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Rashida KhanBey Miller