Chicago Class Guest: Jade T. Perry, The Churchy Mystic

This Sunday in Chicago we are gathering together for the last Chicago session of the summer.  I’m elated to introduce you all to an avid #reclaimingyoursexy student/Colleague/friend Jade T. Perry.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jade over the last two years in my movement classes here in Chicago. And this summer I was a guest facilitator at her conference “The Mystic Soul Project” which aims to create safe spaces for people redefine and reclaim their spiritual practices.

Jade’s work has had a deep impact on my work and I’m excited to be able to share her genius with you. This Sunday we will be gathering in Chicago for The Temptress’ Masterclass and Jade will be doing a Group tarot card pull and reading for us to offer some guidance as we ease into this next season of the year. Let me say this, Jade’s readings aren’t for the faint of heart nor those that just want to know the future. She’s going to give you the information that you need in order to put in the work to make shifts and changes in your life.

I tell you often that the work does not stop after one class. What helps you shift your practice to embodying more confidence, more ease around sexuality, healing old narratives of shame and disconnection is being willing to show up and doing so consistently. 

So my questions to you:

  • What are your sensual goals for this year? 

  • What’s your word for the season? 

  • What things are you leaving behind from the summer

  • what part of your sensuality are you cultivating as we step into the last three months of the year? 

Are you ready to commit to reconnecting to your sensuality? Join me on the dance floor this Sunday in Chicago.

Link to purchase tickets. We’ve added 5 seats to make space for those who missed out earlier this month. Grab those seats today.

See you on the dance floor,


Rashida KhanBey Miller 

Artist | Educator | Producer

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Rashida KhanBey Miller