The Temptress Dance Class Teaser Video + Upcoming Classes

Confident. Unapologetic. Audacious.

The Temptress Dance Class is a 90 Minute movement journey for beginners that blends mindfulness, intentional breathwork, contemporary dance and erotic floorwork. Think post-hot yoga inspired glow with a sensual edge. This combo class is designed to help you release unwanted tension, reconnect back to your body and bring out your most audacious self on the dance floor and life.

Not your traditional dance or fitness class. The Temptress Dance Class is a mini escape from the everyday pressures and aims to help womxn heal and prioritize pleasure through dance again. Taking the focus off weight loss or perfecting the choreography and truly giving yourself the opportunity to just feel good in your body right now while you pour back into you.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to still your mind from thoughts of self-doubt + comparison so you can come back into the body

  • How to reconnect to the body in an affirming way that allows you to feel sexy right now not after you get the steps, lose the weight, find love etc. We value presence over perfection every time

  • Restorative movement routines you can do every morning to release tension and welcome pleasure into the body.

  • A succulent floorwork routine that will leave you humming for days to come.

All levels welcome.

Please note this is a 90 minute class. We will have 15 minutes at the top and bottom of the class for check-in/recap in addition to our class time. Items from The Temptress' Boudoir Lingerie + Dancewear Store will be available for purchase at class. Please arrive to the space 15 minutes prior to class start.

About Your Guide:

Multi-disciplinary artist, educator and speaker, Actor-Producer of Digital Series ”Sex Is A God Thing”, Rashida KhanBey Miller guides her classes beyond remembering the choreography to embodying their own authentic expression of the erotic self through dance. Each class gives participants an opportunity to drop our guards, learn embodied practices for cultivating surrender and luscious self-remembrance.