5 Things You Should Know About The Temptress Dance Class


Happy September Temptresses!

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Something you should know: This isn’t your traditional sensual dance class and I love shattering your expectations in the best possible way when you come to class.

Here’s five things I want you to keep in mind as you prepare for class:

  • No dance experience needed. This class is about FULL EXPRESSION + RELEASE not weight loss, getting a tight ass, flat abs or even nailing the choreography (more on this in point three)

  • Before we are performing for a partner or lover we are reconnecting to our sensuality and Erotic energy for ourselves. Sign up for class for you and then give from your overflow. Try to challenge yourself to think of your sensuality beyond pleasing someone else.

  • I’m *always* going to FUCK THE STEPS. Dance from your heart. You’ll learn language (choreography) to help guide you in movement but I literally could not care if you nailed an 8 count. There is absolutely no way for you to mess this up.

  • All bodies are welcomed and celebrated in this space. You don’t have to hide, shape shift or contort. Nor, do you have to worry about having to push yourself to level up to the other people in the room. Do what you can. Stop when you need to. take care of your body.

  • You are allowed to Take Up Space. You are allowed to be seen. You are allowed to be too much. You are allowed to be exactly where you are on the emotional spectrum. Again, this is about you.

  • Can white people be in the space? Unless it explicitly states Black or POC only on invites there is no need to inquire. Should it be necessary to state you will not miss alert as it will be all public documents. This space centers Black and Brown womxn/non-binary femmes and our allies are able to join. So yes if you are not Black or Brown you can register for these classes however please note I have no issue redirecting white people who *attempt* to suck the air out of the room. You don’t have to come in the space apologizing or stepping on eggshells just be present. Know when to step up and step back. Speak from your own experience and be mindful of your spatial relationships.

I guess that makes six. Please let me know if I haven’t answered a question and I’ll add to the list.

I can’t wait to see you all on the dance floor this Fall/Winter. Click here to purchase your tickets for class. 

Grab your seat at the #linkinbio for one of the cities below:

See you on the dance floor,


Rashida KhanBey Miller



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