FUCK Valentines Day

The Self-Love Manifesto.

You are worthy. 

Let me repeat that. You are worthy. 

Not because you did anything special or because you have a great job or because you found someone to love you but simply because you exisit. 

God breathed life into your body and your existence makes you worthy. 

Your past does not dictate your identity. 

Your body is beautiful right now - not after you "fix" it but right now. 

People who have hurt you can't take love away from you. The very cells in your being are made up of love. 

You have a purpose to live in this world and that purpose is joy. You may change jobs, you may change circles, you may change many things about your life but remember that you true purpose is joy.

Your soul is not a sacrifice for someone else's healing. 

'Your secrets will kill you'. Tell your story, when you're ready and don't hold back.

No one has the authority to dictate your desires.

Tapping into pleasure brings us back into the vortex of the universe’s abundance.

Make self-care a priority before it becomes an emergency.

Expand your capacity for ecstasy.

Just because they could not see it does not mean that your worth is invisible.

Decide what do you desire the most - honestly: Contention or Peace?

 Give yourself room to grieve properly when necessary.

Unforgiveness is a derailment from pleasure. Let your defenses soften. 

There is enough love available for us all - there is no need to compete.

When you get stuck just say ‘thank you’ repeatedly. Watch your mind soften and your heart expand.

Sex is necessary. Be it with yourself or with a beloved. Activate the sacred entry way of creation that exists within your body. 

You don’t need any one else’s opinion.
Follow Your Gut.

Forgiveness will allow your body + your heart to open again.

Revel in your lover worshipping your temple.  

Keep women in your corner who will keep you accountable to your desires. They are invaluable.

Make pleasure a priority in every corner of your life.

Your erotic self is a fuel and a currency for your aliveness.

Devote yourself to awakening everyday.


Your erotic self is your spiritual self. How can the very part of you that has the potential to create life not be considered sacred? Question anyone who says otherwise. . 

Nothing has the power to make you anything less than a Goddess.

You are inherently sexy. Fuck anything or anyone that says otherwise. 

Dedicate time to studying your version of what it means to be sexy. 
Own it.

Take up space when you walk in the room.

Let your energy magnify the light of your soul. 

Your shining does not diminish someone else having the opportunity to shine.

Throw out everyone else’s respectability rules + politics.  They don’t have to live with your choices. You do.

Expand your capacity for ecstasy.

Make time for pleasure everyday.


with love,

Welcome Goddess! 

This year I decided to go against the bs and say Fuck Valentine's Day. Don't get me wrong, this isn't about being bitter or jaded about love. It's a wake up call. It's a cry for you not to center your pleasure + sexy on someone else. We see so many messages in our media right now about wearing the lingerie for them, making plans with them, waiting on someone to ask you on a date, guessing what they will get you. I spent a lot of time as I was growing up obsessing about someone else doing something special for me on Valentine's Day. My work as an Erotic dance teacher and sensuality coach has always first and foremost been about reminding women to do it for themselves, to fill themselves up and then to let someone else's love be extra. Don't make them the main course because if you do, if their attention ever shifts, if you all are ever not on good terms or if the relationship ends your connection to your sense of love and worthiness dies with them too. 

More than anything I hope this reminds you that you are more than enough all on your own. And when we shift from depending on others to make us feel pleasure, love and joy we walk with a deeper sense of self confidence. That confidence is the key to creating a beautiful life no matter who else decides that they are going to love you. 

I created the  "Fuck Valentine's Day Self-Care Package" as a reminder to love on your first

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